Monday, May 18, 2015

Pierce’s Picks

A weekly alert for followers of crime, mystery, and thriller fiction.

The Harvest Man (Putnam), Alex Grecian’s fourth historical thriller about Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad, finds an injured Inspector Walter Day searching for a psychologically haunted killer who carves couple’s faces off their skills, while ex-Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith turns to Victorian London’s criminal fraternity to help find the newly loosed Jack the Ripper. Robert B. Parker’s Kickback, by Ace Atkins (Putnam), has Boston private eye Spenser and his bone-breaking sidekick, Hawk, investigating a judge whose extreme sentences for youthful offenders in an old mill town may be connected to the crooked operators of several private New England prisons.

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Rob Brooks said...

I haven't read any of the Spenser books by Atkins yet--I've been taking my time, going through the last of Parker's books that I haven't finished yet. I suppose sooner or later I'll have to read this one. Not that I'm not looking forward to it, it will just mean that I'm all out of original Parker.

FRWoller said...

The Ace Atkins book KICKBACK is taken from an actual case in Northeastern Pennsylvania (I believe the Wilkes-Barre or Scranton area) where the Judge was covicted and sentenced to a long term in prison.