Saturday, August 31, 2013

Expanding Our Elmore Leonard Tribute

Well, this just goes to show you can’t be too confident about the performance of your e-mail server. Following up on the latest of several notes I’d received from friends and contacts, all of them proclaiming that they’d lately sent me information I had not found in my e-mailbox, I accessed my e-mail spam folder ... and discovered 443 messages I didn’t know were there, sent over the last couple of weeks.

I have no clue as to know why or how this happened. I hadn’t asked that my spam threshold be increased, yet many more e-notes than I realized were suddenly being quarantined as spam--most of which were not, in fact, junk mail of any sort. Those included three responses from different writers to my recent request for comments about author Elmore Leonard’s death. I’d just assumed that those three people--novelists Christopher G. Moore and Sam Reaves, along with blogger Ayo Onatade--had chosen not to participate. Imagine my embarrassment at realizing I was wrong.

To fix this snafu, I have embedded all three of those additional comments near the end of Part II of The Rap Sheet’s Elmore Leonard tribute; click here to find them. And if you haven’t yet read Part I of our extensive tribute, you can still access that here.

I’m sorry for the mix-up. It looks like I’ll have to keep a much closer eye on my spam folder in the future.

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