Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Is There a Chance of a “Ghost” in Your Future?

If you were one of those many Rap Sheet readers who didn’t win our last book-giveaway competition, this should be good news: We have another contest, beginning today, to dispense four free copies of Linda Barnes’ new novel, The Perfect Ghost (Minotaur). As I wrote of the book in a recent column for Kirkus Reviews,
... Barnes shifts gears in this suspenseful standalone. Em Moore is a bashful and agoraphobic author who, with her more extroverted partner, Teddy Blake, earned success penning celebrity biographies. Now Blake is gone--killed in a car crash--and she’s left to continue their latest project alone: a book about screenwriter and director Garrett Malcolm. Initially fearful of stepping out from behind her computer, Em develops self-confidence by winning Malcolm’s respect. Her research interviews, though, hint at secrets in her subject’s past, as well as bad blood between him and a former leading man. And when police inquire more deeply into Blake’s accident, Em realizes she’s neither as perceptive nor as in control of her life as she’d hoped. Reciting this yarn through Em’s one-sided conversation with her late partner heightens both its intimacy and impact.
If you’d like to participate in this drawing, all you need to do is e-mail your name and snail-mail address to jpwrites@wordcuts.org. And be sure to write “Perfect Ghost Contest” in the subject line.

Entries will be accepted only between now and midnight next Tuesday, April 16. Winners will be chosen completely at random, and their names will be listed on this page the following day.

Sorry, but at the publisher’s request, this contest is open only to residents of the United States and Canada.

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