Friday, May 18, 2012

With Age Comes New Respect

Among the many crime novels being highlighted in this week’s collection of “forgotten books” posts is J.B. O’Sullivan’s 1953 work, I Die Possessed, about which I wrote earlier this week in Kirkus Reviews. Other books mentioned: Some of Your Blood, by Theodore Sturgeon; The Sins of the Fathers, by Lawrence Block; The Tough Die Hard, by Robert Martin; Corpus Delectable, by Talmage Powell; Love Lies Bleeding, by Edmund Crispin; Mermaids, by Margaret Millar; Whom Gods Destroy, by Clifton Adams; May You Die in Ireland, by Michael Kenyon; The Case of Mr. Cassidy, by William Targ; Remember to Kill Me, by Hugh Pentecost; A Killing in Comics, by Max Allan Collins; The Death of Colonel Mann, by Cynthia Peale; The House in November, by Keith Laumer; Little Odessa, by Joseph Koenig; and The Cry of the Owl, by Patricia Highsmith.

You’ll find the full list of posts in Todd Mason’s Sweet Freedom.

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