Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Return of Matt Helm

Some good news for Matt Helm fans:
Titan Books announced today that beginning in 2013, they will reissue the original Matt Helm spy thrillers written by Donald Hamilton, starring the famed counter-agent whose career included 27 novels spanning more than three decades, four films, and a network television series.
The Titan site has a bit more information on this deal. I’ll be interested to see how the publisher packages these novels. Will it use the original paperback art? That’s probably too much to hope for ...

READ MORE:Breaking News! Donald Hamilton’s Matt Helm Spy Series Returns to Print in 2013, from Titan Books!,” by Nick Jones (Existential Ennui).


Ed Gorman said...

This is truly great news. Hamilton was a wonderful writer of spy novels as well as westerns.

Jared said...

Brilliant! I've just been piecing together the original series. Can't wait to start over and read them in proper order...

Barbara said...

Jeff, I was just thinking - you should have a drop of bright red blood on the noose to go with the spots of red on the other two elements of your header. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Any more updates on this? Of course I have all the original novels (and dupes of many) but would love a new set. I'd buy a set of hard covers, if that were an option. I also have most of Hamilton's other works as well, but the Helm books are my favorites.


J. Kingston Pierce said...

Hey, Michael:

You can now find images of the first covers for Titan's Matt Helm reissues here: