Sunday, September 04, 2011

Labor and Literature

Tomorrow will be Labor Day in the United States, an annual federal holiday that celebrates “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations.” Although recent years have brought numerous right-wing attacks on workers’ ability to bargain collectively--notably in Wisconsin--the value of trade unionism as a protection against dangerous working conditions, inadequate wages, and other exploitive practices by Big Business has been made abundantly clear over the decades.

In commemoration of this occasion, Janet Rudolph has posted a list of mystery novels involving labor organizations of one sort or another. While these books aren’t interesting solely for their union component, that element does provide you with an excellent excuse to kick back on this three-day weekend and take one of them firmly in hand.

READ MORE:Gallup: Public Image of Unions in Flux,” by J. P. Green (The Democratic Strategist); “The American Middle Class Was Built by Unions and It Will Decline Without Them,” by Zaid Jilani (Think Progress).


Austin Carr said...

Hope there's a few about Jimmy Hoffa.

Erik said...

I would like to add The Bomb by Frank Harris (as it deals with the Haymarket Affair and the birth of Unions)

kathy d. said...

This is a great list and topic. As the daughter of a former union official and proud union member, and as an ex-shop steward, I thank you.