Saturday, July 14, 2007

Let’s End the Suspense Right Here

On the third evening of this year’s ThrillerFest, being held in New York City, the International Thriller Writers has announced the winners of its 2007 Thriller Awards. As correspondent Ali Karim reports from the scene, the prizes have gone to ...

Best Novel: Killer Instinct, by Joseph Finder (St. Martin’s Press)

Also nominated: False Impression, by Jeffrey Archer (St. Martin’s Press); Cold Kill, by Stephen Leather (Hodder & Stoughton); The Messenger, by Daniel Silva (Putnam); and Beautiful Lies, by Lisa Unger (Shaye Areheart Books/Bantam)

Best First Novel: Mr. Clarinet, by Nick Stone (Michael Joseph Ltd./Penguin)

Also nominated: Shadow of Death, by Patricia Gussin (Oceanview Publishing); Switchback, by Matthew Klein (Orion); A Thousand Suns, by Alex Scarrow (Orion); and 18 Seconds, by George D. Shuman (Simon & Schuster)

Best Paperback Original: An Unquiet Grave, by P.J. Parrish (Pinnacle)

Also nominated: Skeleton Coast, by Clive Cussler with Jack DuBrul (Berkley Trade); The Deep Blue Alibi, by Paul Levine (Bantam); Headstone City, by Tom Piccirilli (Spectra Books/Crown); and Mortal Faults, by Michael Prescott (Onyx Books)

Best Screenplay: The Good Shepherd, screenplay by Eric Roth

Also nominated: Inside Man, screenplay by Russell Gewirtz; The Departed, screenplay by William Monahan; Children of Men, screenplay by Alfonse Cuarón, Timothy J. Sexton, David Arata, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby; and Casino Royale, screenplay by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis

In addition, James Patterson is the honored recipient of the ThrillerMaster 2007 Award.

Karim promises to deliver a further report on these winners, plus a bevy of recollections from the rest of this year’s ThrillerFest--all coming in The Rap Sheet this next week.


Anonymous said...

Trust me, Ali is going to have some great stuff for you. He has been everywhere at the conference/talked to everyone. The conversations at the bar have been very interesting...


Dave Knadler said...

James Patterson -- does he even write his own books anymore?

Dana King said...

The Good Shepherd beat Inside Man for best screenplay? Puh-leese.

Anonymous said...

Patterson stated in his interview at Thriller Fest that he focuses on plot, story and character. He lets his co-writer handle most of the re-writing, because he "doesn't like the craft part of writing."

Sounds like he is very much hands-on with each project (he is juggling eight books that are due out), but mainly so ONLY with the parts of writing that interests him.

He wants his co-writers to be "vested in the project," so he allows them significant-enough input. But he seems to control the final product.


Ali Karim said...

Hmmmmm still in NY and next Stop Harrogate

It's been a mental few days meeting Anthony R was excellent

More later


Anonymous said...

It was great to see Ali in NY. Still coming down from the daze of that banquet...

Joe Finder