Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Picking Up Pieces of Bosch

Elmore Leonard did it first. Now, Michael Connelly is set to try his hand at the very same venture. The challenging task in question, of course, is composing a serial novel for weekly publication in The New York Times Magazine.

Leonard’s “Comfort to the Enemy,” set in 1944 and starring Oklahoma Marshal Carl Webster of The Hot Kid fame, established the standard when it was introduced last September in the Sunday mag’s then-new 10-page section, “The Funny Pages.” It has since been followed by genre fiction from Patricia Cornwell and Scott Turow (whose “Limitations” is currently unfolding). Now, Connelly reports on his Web site that the Times Magazine will begin publishing “an original Harry Bosch novella,” The Overlook, in August 2006. The tale is set to be serialized every Sunday for 13 to 14 weeks.

For readers who want still more of Bosch, his next novel-length appearance will be in Echo Park, which is due out in bookstores in late September/early October.

READ MORE:Installation Art: Rebooting the Serial Novel,” by Mark Swatz (The Village Voice).

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